List of Top Professional Courses in India after 12th and Graduation

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Many students are unaware of the advantages of professional courses offer over academic courses. However, as the academic courses reach their saturation points, the need for alternatives is making professional courses catch the eye of higher education aspirants.

Professional or vocational courses are the courses that focus majorly on preparing a student for a job in a particular type of industry. These courses take a sharp turn from the academic-oriented approach of conventional courses and often focus on the more practical aspects such as skill-development, gaining hands-on experience, learning the latest methods and trends of the industry etc.

Because the average class 10th or class 12th student was often encouraged by their parents, teachers and peers to get admission into a ‘reputed’ course or college, even the most popular professional courses once did not see a large number of aspirants. But nowadays, with a shift in the approach towards career-building, more resources for research and exploration are being made available to the students. As a result of which, there is focus on building a skilled workforce for the growing industrial sector in India and these courses have started seeing an increase in demand and the number of vocational colleges in India has also grown. However, students still face a very important question which we have discussed below.

How to Choose the Best Professional Course?

Not every student can feel equally comfortable pursuing the same trade. A top-tier student in a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programme may suffer if he/she has to sit through a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) programme. The following steps can help you simplify things if you are confused about which course should you go for after school.

  1. List the areas of interest that you would like to study and your priorities. Your interests may be shaped by factors such as your surroundings, family businesses/trades, city/place of growth etc. and your priorities may include pursuing higher education, research, getting a job as early as possible, building a career in a particular organisation such as Banks, Civil Services etc.
  2. Research: The internet can be your best friend here. Use it to find courses related to your interests and note down attributes such as:
    • Type (Degree/Diploma/Certificate or Full-Time/Part-Time/Distance Learning etc.)
    • Duration
    • Broad Curriculum
    • Average Fees
    • Career Prospects
  3. Match the courses that you find with your interests and priorities and shortlist the best courses for you.
  4. Once you have shortlisted the courses, talk to a career counsellor and professionals in the field. These are experienced people who can help you find your way to your goal but for that, you will have to realise what your goals are.
  5. Include other factors. Entry requirements, availability of seats, cost of education (and return on investment) are all valid concerns that may also shape your choice but these should not be the defining factors in your decision.

Professional Courses Admissions

Usually, colleges accept vocational course admissions on the basis of merit calculated on the qualifying examination marks. Some colleges may also set minimum percentage criteria (usually between 40% and 50% aggregate marks) for admissions. The admission brochure of the course/college you are seeking admission to must be consulted for the complete admission process and eligibility criteria for the professional course.

List of Professional Courses in India

While programmes in the field of Engineering, Medicine, Law etc. are good professional course with an already established reputation for great career prospects and growth, here are some of the unconventional professional courses in India.

List of Professional Diploma/Certificate Courses in India

For the student who wishes to start early, there are a lot of options of diploma and certificate courses at class 10 or class 12 level. These courses offer excellent prospects of professional growth and can form a solid base before one pursues a degree.

CourseDurationEligibility LevelColleges
Certificate in Digital Marketing3 – 6 months10thCertificate in Digital Marketing Colleges in India
ITI Courses1 – 3 years10th
Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant (DNCA)1 – 2 years10thDiploma in Nursing Assistant Colleges in India
Diploma in Rural Healthcare1 year10th
Certificate in General Duty Assistant2 – 6 months10th
Certificate in Home Health Aide2 – 6 months10th
Diploma in Construction Management1 year10thDiploma in Construction Management Colleges in India
Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM)3 years12thDiploma in Hotel Management Colleges in India
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)2 years10th, 12thDMLT Colleges in India
Diploma in X-Ray Technician2 years12thDiploma in X-Ray Technician Colleges in India
Certificate in X-Ray Technician1 year10thCertificate in X-Ray Technician Colleges in India
Diploma in Gemology2 months – 1 year12thDiploma inGemology Colleges in India
Certificate in Gemology2 – 6 months10thCertificate in Gemology Colleges in India
Diploma in Photography1 year12thDiploma in Photography Colleges in India
Certificate in Photography3 months – 1 year10th, 12thCertificate in Photography Colleges in India
Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics1 year12thDiploma in Nutrition and Dietetics Colleges in India
Diploma in Airline, Travel and Tourism Management1 year12th
Diploma in Food and Beverage Services6 months – 1 year12thDiploma in Food and Beverage Colleges in India
Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery1 – 1.5 year12thDiploma in Bakery and Confectionery Colleges in India
Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology8 months10th
Certificate in 2D/3D Animation3 months – 1 year10th, 12thCertificate in 2D/3D Animation Colleges in India
Diploma in Animation and Multimedia1 year12th
Diploma in Visual Merchandising3 months – 1 year12thDiploma in Visual Merchandising Colleges in India
Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (DJMC)1 year12thDJMC Colleges in India
Diploma in Office Management1 year12thDiploma in Office Management Colleges in India
Diploma in Communicative English1 year12thDiploma in Communicative English Colleges in India
Diploma in Scriptwriting/Creative Writing1 year12thDiploma in Creative Writing Colleges in India

List of Professional Degree Courses in India

If you have the time and resources to pursue a professional degree course, it is highly recommended that you take admission into one of the colleges offering vocational degrees in India. A professional degree course will not only open more pathways for you to find a job but it will also keep the door open for you to pursue a master’s degree. Plus, a degree course covers multiple subjects and widens the scope for the future.

Bachelor of Optometry4 years12th PCBBachelor of Optometry Colleges in India
B.A. in Fashion and Textile Design4 years12thBA Fashion and Textile Design Colleges in India
Bachelor of Visual Communication (BVC)3 years12thBVC Colleges in India
B.Sc in Physiology3 years12thBSc Physiology Colleges in India
B.A. in Visual Communication3 years12thBA Visual Communication Colleges in India
B.Sc in Animation3 years12thBSc Animation Colleges in India
Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM)3 years12thBTTM Colleges in India
Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc) in Software Development3 years12thBVoc Software Development Colleges in India
Bachelor of Fine Arts3 years12thBFA Colleges in India
B.A. in Jewellery and Accessory Design3 years12thBA Jewellery and Accessory Design Colleges in India
Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing1 yearBachelor’s Degree

Professional courses are the gateway to some of the most lucrative careers in India. Many industries stay on the lookout for skilled candidates that have knowledge of the course and although the salary after a vocational course might seem low to many, the low course fee of these courses and good chances of growth in the future help overlook these shortcomings. However, care must be taken while choosing which professional course to take admission into as it might limit your options for choosing a higher

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