Guide for Marketing: How To Learn Quora

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One great way to do so is to simply answer people’s questions. Even if you’re not the top expert on a particular topic, chances are you still know more than others. Quora is a great place to start. This question and answer network allows you to help others on any topic from Aardvark to Zumba If you are looking to build up your professional brand as an authority in your niche or industry, . Learn how to get the most out Quora, from creating the perfect profile to submitting the best answers.

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How to Use Quora for Marketing

To recap the marketing potential of Quora, here are the ways you can use Quora to market your professional brand and your business.

  • Create a great profile so that anyone who wants to learn more about you can do so and be able to click through to your website or other social profiles.
  • Follow topics in your industry. Become an active participant on these topics by posting thought-provoking questions and valuable answers. When appropriate, include links back to content on your website for more information, but don’t spam.
  • Find people to connect with on Quora by looking at the top answers and followers of a particular topic.
  • Create and contribute to boards on topics in your industry. Share content off and on Quora to create valuable information that other Quora users will want to follow.
  • Encourage others to follow you on Quora using the Quora Follow Button on the Quora Resources page
  • Curious what kind of questions / answers get the most notice? Check out this page of most popular topics on Quora.
  • Use QuestionsPro to automatically find relevant questions and track your answers. Although the tool is still in beta, it helped to streamline a big part of my Quora workflow.

Your Quora Profile

Once you’ve signed up for Quora by connecting with Facebook or Twitter (or creating an account on Quora by saying you don’t have Facebook or Twitter), your first task is to create your profile. There is no purpose of getting exposure by demonstrating your industry expertise if people go to your profile to learn more about you and there is nothing there.

To edit your profile, click on your name in the top menu bar. Then click on the Edit links to add your headline and profile content.

Be sure to include links in your profile to your main website or main social accounts. This should help lead to traffic back to your website from Quora.

Finding & Following Topics

Once your profile is ready, you will want to start finding topics to follow. To find topics, use the search box at the top and start typing in a keyword. Quora will give you instant suggestions based on what you enter.

The topic pages start out with the latest boards and questions.

At the top right, you can click on the green Follow Topic button to follow the topic. This will place the latest activity within that topic on your Quora home page news feed. If you would like the latest questions sent to you view email, click on the Settings button that appears after you follow the topic and change the Email Settings to On.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to any topic by adding /rss to the URL. If you used a search query to find the topic, just strip off the ?q=keyword from the end of the URL before adding the /rss. For Google Analytics, the URL for the topic is and the URL for the RSS feed is I use Google Reader and keep my favorite topics under a folder called Questions along with feeds from other question and answer networks.

This helps me manage all of the activity on sites I participate upon.

Beneath the top questions and subscription options, you can find the latest activity on the topic, top “answerers”, and the people following the topic.

This is a great area to find new connections who will be interested in the same subjects you are. Simply click on any person’s profile to learn more about them and use the green Follow button to follow them.

Describe Your Topic Experience on Your Profile

After you’ve followed the topics you are interested in, go back to your profile and click on your Topics.

Here, you can describe your experience with each one of the topics you are following.

Whatever you enter here will be shown next to your name whenever you answer questions on those particular topics. If you don’t enter anything in this area, then the main headline for your profile will show up next to your answers.

Quora, Customer Service, and Reputation Management

Remember that topics can be brand based as well. If your business has a product, be sure to use the search to see if anyone is talking about your products or services.

You’ll definitely want to follow any topics that are specifically about your business so you can join in the conversation when new questions about your products or services are asked. You may find potential sales opportunities too as people are likely to ask the difference between your products or services compared to others. Be prepared to make your answers shine and convert!

Submitting Questions & Answers

Once you’ve followed your favorite topics, you can start submitting questions and answers.

Adding Questions

Adding questions to a question and answer network is a great way to find out more about your target market. Simply go to the appropriate topic, then click on the Add Question button.

Once you start receiving answers, be sure to let people know you appreciate their help by clicking on the Upvote and Thank link beneath each answer.


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