Formulas For Chemical Compound: Formula Chart

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Formulas For Chemical Compound: 320 Elements ,Science of the composition of matter and transformation of its physical or chemical property. Our universe is made of matter. The matter is composed of atoms of various different chemical elements that are found in pure as well as combined form. Any substance consisting of the matter is called chemical.

They occur in the form of solids, liquids or gases. It can exist as a pure substance or as a mixture. Every chemical element is represented by a unique symbol.

There are naturally occurring chemicals and artificially made chemicals.

Examples of naturally occurring chemicals are as follows:

  • Solids – Rocks, plant fibres, soil, minerals such as zinc, copper, etc.
  • Liquids – Water
  • Gases – Hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen

Artificially made chemicals have various applications. They have transformed the pharmaceuticals and food industries. Due to this the food flavouring and preservation have become easy and inexpensive.

The chemical formula is a way to represent any chemical substance using the symbol of the elements present in it. Below we have given a list of the chemical compound formulas along with the compound name, molecular weight, and molecular formula.

List Of Compound

Compound nameMolecular weightMolecular formula
1Acetic acid60.052 g/molCH3COOH
2Hydrochloric acid36.458 g/molHCl
3Sulfuric acid‎98.072 g/molH2SO4
4Acetate59.044 g/molCH3COO
5Ammonia17.031 g/molNH3
6Nitric acid63.012 g/molHNO3
7Phosphoric acid97.994 g/molH3PO4
8Sodium phosphate119.976 g/molNa3PO4
9Calcium carbonate100.086 g/molCaCO3
10Ammonium sulfate132.134 g/mol(NH4)2SO4
11Carbonic acid62.024 g/molH2CO3
12Sodium bicarbonate84.0066 g/molNaHCO3
13Sodium hydroxide39.997 g/molNaOH
14Calcium hydroxide74.092 g/molCa(OH)2
15Ethanol46.069 g/molC2H5OH
16Hydrobromic acid80.912 g/molHBr
17Sulfuric acid98.072 g/molH2SO4
18Nitrous acid‎47.013 g/molHNO2
19Potassium hydroxide56.11 g/molKOH
20Silver nitrate169.872 g/molAgNO3
21Sodium carbonate105.988 g/molNa2CO3
22Sodium chloride58.44 g/molNaCl
23Cellulose162.1406 g/mol(C6H10O5)n
24Magnesium hydroxide58.319 g/molMg(OH)2
25Methane16.043 g/molCH4
26Nitrogen dioxide30.006 g/molNO2
27Potassium hydroxide56.105 g/molKOH
28Sodium nitrate84.994 g/molNaNO3
29Sulfurous acid82.073 g/molH2SO3
30Aluminium sulfate342.15 g/molAl2(SO4)3
31Aluminum oxide101.96 g/molAl2O3
32Ammonia17.031 g/molNH3
33Ammonium nitrate80.043 g/molNH4NO3
34Ammonium phosphate132.056 g/mol(NH4)3PO4
35Barium hydroxide171.341 g/molBa(OH)2
36Carbon tetrachloride153.811 g/molCCl4
37Citric acid192.123 g/molC6H8O7
38Hydrocyanic acid‎27.026 g/molHCN
39Salicylic Acid138.121 g/molC7H6O3
40Hydroiodic acid127.91 g/molHI
41Hypochlorous acid52.457 g/molHClO
42Iron iii oxide159.687 g/molFe2O3
43Magnesium phosphate262.855 g/molMg3(PO4)2
44Sodium acetate82.0343 g/molC2H3NaO2
45Sodium sulfate‎142.036 g/molNa2SO4
46Sucrose342.2965 g/molC12H22O11
47Potassium nitrate101.102 g/molKNO3
48Ammonium bicarbonate96.086 g/molNH4HCO3
49Ammonium chloride53.489 g/molNH4Cl
50Ammonium hydroxide35.046 g/molNH4OH
51Calcium nitrate164.088 g/molCa(NO3)2
52Calcium oxide56.0774 g/molCaO
53Carbon monoxide28.01 g/molCO
54Chlorine gas70.9 g/molCl2
55Phenol94.11 g/molC6H6O
56Hydrogen peroxide34.0147 g/molH2O2
57Hydroxide17.007 g/molOH
58Magnesium chloride95.211 g/molMgCl2
59Magnesium hydroxide58.3197 g/molMg(OH)2
60Potassium chloride74.5513 g/molKCl
61Potassium iodide166.0028 g/molKI
62Sulfur dioxide64.066 g/molSO2
63Glycerin92.09 g/molC3H8O3
64Ammonium sulfate132.14 g/mol(NH4)2SO4
65Barium nitrate261.337 g/molBa(NO3)2
66Calcium acetate158.17 g/molC4H6O4Ca
67Sulfurous Acid82.07 g/molH2SO3
68Iron oxide159.69 g/molFe2O3
69Potassium carbonate138.205 g/molK2CO3
70Silver chloride‎143.318 g/molAgCl
71Sodium iodide149.894 g/molNaI
72Sodium oxide61.9789 g/molNa2O
73Sodium sulfide78.0452 g/molNa2S
74Sucrose342.30 g/molC12H22O11
75Zinc nitrate189.388 g/molZn(NO3)2
76Aluminium Sulfate342.15 g/molAl2(SO4)3
77Phenolphthalein318.32 g/molC20H14O4
78Magnesium nitrate148.313 g/molMg(NO3)2
79Silicon dioxide60.083 g/molSiO2
80Acetone58.08 g/molC3H6O
81Hydroquinone110.11 g/molC6H6O2
82Pyridine79.1 g/molC5H5N
83Ammonium acetate77.083 g/molC2H3O2NH4
84Xylene106.16 g/molC8H10
85Barium sulfate233.38 g/molBaSO4
86Benzene78.11 g/molC6H6
87Bicarbonate61.016 g/molCHO3
88Chromate15.992 g/molCrO42-
89Methyl Ethyl Ketone72.107 g/molC4H8O
90Cyanide26.02 g/molCN
91Trichloroacetic acid163.38 g/molC2HCl3O2
92Magnesium sulfate120.361 g/molMgSO4
93Methanol32.04 g/molCH3OH
94Nitrogen dioxide46.0055 g/molNO2
95OxygenAtomic mass 15.999 g/molO
96Methylene blue319.85 g/molC16H18ClN3S
97Sodium sulfite126.043 g/molNa2SO3
98Sulfur trioxide80.057 g/molSO3
99Aluminum phosphate121.951 g/molAlPO4
100Stearic acid284.484 g/molC18H36O2
101Dinitrogen monoxide44.013 g/molN2O
102Carbon monoxide28.01 g/molCO
103Carbonic acid62.03 g/molH2CO3
104Sodium carbonate105.9888 g/molNa2CO3
105Titanium dioxide233.38 g/molTiO2
106Acetonitrile41.053 g/molC2H3N
107Oxalic acid90.03 g/molH2C2O4
108Potassium dichromate294.185 g/molK2Cr2O7
109Salicylic acid138.121 g/molC7H6O3
110Sodium bromide102.894 g/molNaBr
111Sodium hypochlorite74.439 g/molNaClO
112Zinc acetate183.48 g/molZn(CH3COO)2(H2O)2
113Zinc chloride136.286 g/molZnCl2
114Zinc hydroxide99.424 g/molZn(OH)2
115Magnesium carbonate84.313 g/molMgCO3
116Potassium chlorate122.545 g/molKClO3
117Hydrazine32.0452 g/molN2H4
118Ascorbic acid176.12 g/molC6H8O6
119Benzoic acid122.12 g/molC7H6O2
120Resorcinol110.1 g/molC6H6O2
121Chlorine‎70.9 g/molCl2
122Ammonium nitrate80.043 g/molNH4NO3
123Ammonium phosphate132.056 g/mol(NH4)3PO4
124Carbon tetrachloride153.82 g/molCCl4
125Nitrous acid47.013 g/molHNO2
126Maleic acid116.072 g/molC4H4O4
129Sodium metabisulfite190.107 g/molNa2S2O5
130Sodium Hypochlorite74.439 g/molNaClO
131Acetamide59.068 g/molC2H5NO
132Magnesium carbonate84.3139 g/molMgCO3
133Sodium silicate122.062 g/mol(Na2O)x·SiO2
134Nitrite46.005 g/molNO2
135Hydroxide17.007 g/molOH
136Phosphate94.9714 g/molPO43-
137Dichloromethane84.93 g/molCH2Cl2
138Carbon Disulfide76.13 g/molCS2
139Potassium chromate194.189 g/molCrK2O4
140Zinc sulfate161.436 g/molZnSO4
141IodineAtomic mass 126.90 g/molI
142Tannic acid1701.19 g/molC76H52O46
143Aluminum26.982 g/molAl
144Perchloric acid100.46 g/molHClO4
145Hypochlorite51.449 g/molClO
146Citric acid192.124 g/molC6H8O7
147Potassium Bromide119.002 g/molKBr
148Chromic acid118.01 g/molH2CrO4
149Dihydrogen monoxide18.01528 g/molOH2
150Methyl acetate74.079 g/molC3H6O2
151Dimethyl sulfoxide78.13 g/molC2H6OS
152Hexane86.18 g/molC6H14
153Phosphoric acid97.994 g/molH3PO4
154Eugenol164.2 g/molC10H12O2
155Manganese dioxide86.9368 g/molMnO2
156Dimethyl sulfoxide78.13 g/molC2H6OS
157Lactic acid90.078 g/molC3H6O3
158Sodium potassium tartrate282.1 g/molC4H4O6KNa·4H2O
159Hexamine140.186 g/molC6H12N4
160Lithium hydroxide23.95 g/molLiOH
161Dimethyl sulfoxide78.13 g/molC2H6OS
162Phosphorus pentachloride208.24 g/molPCl5
163Potassium oxide94.2 g/molK2O
164Potassium phosphate136.084 g/molKH2PO4
165Silver acetate166.91 g/molAgC2H3O2
166Sodium citrate258.06 g/molNa3C6H5O7
167Sodium fluoride41.98817 g/molNaF
168Sodium nitrite68.9953 g/molNaNO2
169Sulfate ion96.06 g/molSO42−
170Barium carbonate197.34 g/molBaCO3
171Calcium iodide293.887 g/molCaI2
172Hydrogen sulfate97.064 g/molHSO4
173Lithium oxide29.88 g/molLi2O
174Dimethylglyoxime116.12 g/molC4H8N2O2
175Permanganate158.034 g/molKMnO4
176Silver phosphate418.58 g/molAg3PO4
177Sodium carbonate105.9888 g/molNa2CO3
178Ammonium bromide97.943 g/molNH4Br
179Calcium phosphate310.18 g/molCa3(PO4)2
180Dichromate294.185 g/molK2Cr2O7
181Aluminum sulfide150.158 g/molAl2S3
182Ammonium carbonate96.086 g/mol(NH4)2CO3
183Barium chloride208.23 g/molBaCl2
184Calcium nitrate164.088 g/molCa(NO3)2
185Hydroiodic acid127.91 g/molHI
186Nitrogen monoxide30.006 g/molNO
187Potassium carbonate138.205 g/molK2CO3
188Potassium iodide166.0028 g/molKI
189Potassium nitrate101.102 g/molKNO3
190Sodium oxide61.9789 g/molNa2O
191Fructose180.16 g/molC6H12O6
192Magnesium iodide278.1139 g/molMgI2
193Magnesium sulfide56.38 g/molMgS
194Ozone48 g/molO3
195Potassium cyanide65.12 g/molKCN
196Silver oxide231.735 g/molAg2O
197Sodium chromate161.97 g/molNa2CrO4
198Sodium peroxide77.98 g/molNa2O2
199Toluene92.14 g/molC7H8
200Zinc carbonate125.388 g/molZnCO3
201Zinc phosphate386.11 g/molZn3(PO4)2
202Zinc sulfide97.474 g/molZnS
203Para dichlorobenzene147.01 g/molC6H4Cl2
204Boric acid61.83 g/molH3BO3
206Magnesium phosphate262.855 g/molMg3(PO4)2
207Oxalate‎88.018 g/molC2O42−
208Potassium bicarbonate100.114 g/molKHCO3
209Potassium hypochlorite90.55 g/molKClO
210Potassium nitrite85.103 g/molKNO2
211Bromothymol Blue624.384 g/molC27H28Br2O5S
212Ammonium iodide144.94 g/molNH4I
213Ammonium nitrate‎80.043 g/mol(NH4)(NO3)
214Ammonium nitrite64.06 g/molNH4NO2
215Ammonium oxide52.0763 g/mol(NH4)2O
216Argon gas39.948 g/molAr
217Barium bromide297.14 g/molBaBr2
218Barium iodide391.136 g/molBaI2
219Bromate127.901 g/molBrO3
220Dinitrogen trioxide76.01 g/molN2O3
221Ethylene glycol62.07 g/molC2H6O2
222Hypochlorous acid52.46 g/molHClO
223Nickel sulfate154.75 g/molNiSO4
224Heliumatomic mass ‎4.002602 uHe
225Iodide253.809 g/molI
226Lead ii acetate‎325.29 g/molPb(C2H3O2)2
227Lithium chloride42.394 g/molLiCl
228Phosphate ion94.9714 g/molPO43-
229Potassium fluoride58.0967 g/molKF
230Potassium sulfite158.26 g/molK2SO3
231Silver carbonate275.7453 g/molAg2CO3
232Sodium cyanide49.0072 g/molNaCN
233Sodium nitride82.976 g/molNa3N
234Strontium chloride158.52 g/molSrCl2
235Strontium nitrate211.628 g/molSr(NO3)2
236Urea‎60.056 g/molCH4N2O
237Bleach‎74.439 g/molNaClO
238Carbonic acid62.03 g/molH2CO3
239Lithium bromide86.844 g/molLiBr
240Aluminum fluoride83.9767 g/molAlF3
241Barium fluoride175.34 g/molBaF2
242Butanoic acid88.11 g/molC4H8O2
243Calcium hydride42.094 g/molCaH2
245Copper ii carbonate123.55 g/molCuCO3
246Ethanol46.07 g/molCH3CH2OH
247Fluorine18.998403 uF
248Lithium phosphate115.79 g/molLi3PO4
249Glycerol92.09382 g/molC3H8O3
250Hypobromous acid96.911 g/molHBrO
251Hypoiodous acid143.89 g/molHIO
252Lead iodide461.01 g/molPbI2
253Lithium iodide133.844 g/molLiI
254Magnesium oxide40.3044 g/molMgO
255Urethane89.09 g/mol C3H7NO2
256Nickel nitrate182.703 g/molNi(NO3)2
257Potassium chloride74.5513 g/molKCl
258Potassium nitrate101.102 g/molKNO3
259Sodium dichromate261.97 g/molNa2Cr2O7
260Sodium nitrate84.994 g/molNaNO3
261Tartaric acid150.087 g/molC4H6O6
262Zinc iodide319.22 g/molZnI2
263Bromine54.9380 g/molBr
264Aluminum bromide266.69 g/molAlBr3
265Sodium Percarbonate157.01 g/molC2H6Na4O12
267Nickel acetate178.797 g/molC4H8O4Ni
268Sodium Thiosulfate158.11 g/molNa2S2O3
269Acetaldehyde44.05 g/molC2H4O
270Copper sulfate159.609 g/molCuSO4
271Mannitol182.172 g/molC6H14O6
272Calcium Chloride110.98 g/molCaCl2
273Hydrocyanic acid27.0253 g/molHCN
274Monosodium Glutamate169.111 g/molC5H8NO4Na
275Polystyrene104.1 g/mol(C8H8)n
276Calcium Carbide64.099 g/molCaC2
277Tetrachloroethylene165.83 g/molC2Cl4
278Sodium Chlorate106.44 g/molNaClO3
279Potassium Iodate214.001 g/molKIO3
280Sodium Percarbonate157.01 g/molC2H6Na4O12
281Lead Acetate325.29 g/molPb(C2H3O2)2
282Potassium Thiocyanate97.181 g/molKSCN
283Butane58.12 g/molC4H10
284Maltose342.3 g/molC12H22O11
285Polyurethane Foam548.589 g/molC27H36N2O10
286Formaldehyde30.031 g/molCH2O
287Formic Acid46.03 g/molHCOOH
288Sulfur Hexafluoride146.06 g/molSF6
289Phosphorus Trichloride137.33 g/molPCl3
290Ethane30.07 g/molC2H6
291Dinitrogen Pentoxide30.07 g/molN2O5
292Phosphorous Acid82 g/molH3PO3
293Potassium Ferrocyanide368.35 g/molK4Fe(CN)6
294Xenon Difluoride169.29 g/molXeF2
295Diatomic Bromine159.808 g/molBr2
296Phenyl77.106 g/molC6H5
297Phosphorus Triiodide411.6872 g/molPI3
298Peroxydisulfuric Acid194.14 g/molH2S2O8
299Monopotassium Phosphate136.086 g/molKH2PO4
300Dipotassium Phosphate174.2 g/molK2HPO4
301Aluminium hydroxide78.00 g/molAl(OH)3
302Ammonium persulfate228.18 g/mol(NH4)2S2O8
303Sodium borate201.22 g/molNa2[B4O5(OH)4]·8H2O
304Chloroacetic acid94.49 g/molC2H3O2Cl
305Potassium acetate98.142 g/molCH3CO2K
306Barium oxide153.326 g/molBaO
307Copper(I) Oxide143.09 g/molCu2O
308Lithium Bromide86.845 g/molLiBr
309Copper Hydroxide97.561 g/molCu(OH)2
310Tin Oxide97.561 g/molSnO2
311Chlorine Trifluoride92.448 g/molClF3
312Ethylene28.054 g/molC2H4
313Acetylene26.038 g/molC2H2
314Chromic Oxide151.9904 g/molCr2O3
315Sodium bisulfate120.06 g/molNaHSO4
316Copper (II) chloride134.45 g/molCuCl2
317Mercuric chloride271.52 g/molHgCl2
318Tin (II) chloride189.60 g/molSnCl2
319Propane44.097 g/molC3H8
320Lead (IV) oxide239.1988 g/molPbO2


The chemical substances that are made up of two or more elements which are chemically bound together in a fixed number or ratio. When two or more elements are combined the property of each and every element is lost and new properties are formed. The compound possesses all these new compounds. The compounds formed can be either molecular compounds or salts.

Example: Water is a molecule consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom

A chemical element is made up of only one type of atom. Examples if chemical elements are: hydrogen, helium, iron, gold, silver, plutonium, and bismuth.
A compound is a molecule that is made up of more than one element. Examples of compounds are: water, sulfuric acid, and salt.

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