Google Drive Reviews and Features 2022

Google Drive 2020 Reviews,Features is much more than just a cloud-based storage and syncing service with an excellent free storage plan. It also lets you create, edit, store, and collaborate on documents. Consumers can specify any folder on the computer for backup, and businesses can save space by not duplicating files on local storage.

Paid plans under the Google One brand make storage upgrades more affordable than many alternatives. Google Drive is truly impressive in how it can help you store, back up, create, and even edit files, whether you work solo or as part of a team.

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Google One Drive Pricing

The Google One pricing options start at $1.99 per month for 100GB; a 200GB plan costs $2.99 per month, and the $9.99-per-month Google One plan increases the limit to 2TB. A higher-tier 10TB plan will still cost $99.99 per month. Google Drive currently offers a generous 15GB of free storage. Google One plans also get one-tap access to support experts and the ability to share accounts with up to five family members. Users can also take advantage of perks such as discounts on Google Play purchases and deals on select hotels found in Google Search.

Apple offers 50GB of iCloud drive space for 99 cents per month; 200GB for $2.99, and 2TB for $9.99—Apple doubled its 1TB plan to 2TB a year before Google is getting around to it, but the company only offers 1GB of free space to all users; Apple device owners get a free 5GB. Students with Managed Apple ID accounts from their schools get a sweeter deal: a free 200GB. Apple lets you share storage from 200GB and 2TB plans with up to six family members.

Google Drive is Exactly?

For a while, Google tried using the name Google Drive to mean the productivity apps—Docs and the rest. But the company has gone back to the more intuitive use of Docs Editors to mean the online productivity apps and Drive to mean the online storage. 

Google Drive and its apps work basically the same way Microsoft OneDrive does with the online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Google Drive’s Web Interface

Google Drive’s online design has improved over the years and is now more intuitive than ever. You start on the main Drive page, which shows thumbnails of documents in the middle and a menu of your folders, shared files, photos, recent, starred, and trash along the left rail. On the right are buttons for sharing, getting a link to, deleting, previewing, and seeing information about a selected file.

There are also buttons for Settings and switching between list and thumbnail view. Strangely, the webpage is not responsive like OneDrive’s. Resizing to a narrower page cuts off some interface features.  read our review of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

In the Driver’s Seat

Nothing is stopping you from using more than one file storage and syncing service, especially considering that you can get free storage. Using more than one service gives you options like compartmentalizing your home and work files or keeping photos separate from documents.


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